As the world becomes increasingly secular and hostile to the one true Faith, Christian education and catechesis—long in a state of decline—are now in the throes of death. In order to restore Christendom; in order to make a just, true, and beautiful society; in order to bring the light of the Gospel to a bleak and despondent world; in order to carry out the Great Commission, we meet the darkness of ignorance with the radiance of truth.

David Gordon, J.D., M.A.

David Gordon lives in Detroit, Michigan with his wife and five children. Mr. Gordon, an attorney, former judicial law clerk, and MA theology graduate of Franciscan University has long been involved in Christian ministry, including stints as a research specialist for Catholics United for the Faith, as an RCIA director at a large southern California parish, and as a copyeditor for Church Militant. He is getting his PhD in political science.